Replicate Resync

Replicate Resync #

Synchronize your Resources #

Replicate Resync removes the hassle of having to manage the contents of two or more Resources folders during cross-platform iOS and Android development by automatically synchronizing images, suffixing and managing dpi folders.

Available as a stand-alone app or a Visual Studio 2019 extension, Resync can be configured to monitor one source Resources folder belonging to an iOS or Android project, and mirror it to Resources folders of other projects.

Based on the selected platform, it renames and moves images to the correct folders:

During iOS to Android synchronization, assets suffixed with @2x and @3x can be copied into different drawable folders, e.g. drawable-xhdpi and drawable-xxhdpi.

During Android to iOS synchronization, assets from different drawable folders can be suffixed with @2x and @3x.

Each project can define Ignored files which are not replaced during synchronization. This allows for platform-specific resources.

Note: Resync never deletes files. It overwrites files if a file with the same name exists in an output folder as the one being copied.

Auto Sync #

You can enable automatic synchronization by checking the Auto Sync box. This makes the app monitor the Source folder and automatically trigger synchronization a few seconds after a change is detected.

Visual Studio Solution Import #

The app is designed to work well with Xamarin solutions. Simply open a Visual Studio Solution file by dragging and dropping it onto the app and it will create a Workspace with your iOS and Android projects.

Relative Paths #

All project paths are relative to the current working directory, making it easier to check in the .replicate Workspace file into your source control repository. To change the current working directory, use the option in the File menu or press CTRL+D.